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Anxiety, Depression, and Panic Attack counseling in San Antonio
... or what I call Happiness Counseling

Depression, anxiety, and panic disorder are three of the leading reasons people seek therapy.

Each of them can often have physiological side effects: racing heart and seemingly unchecked nervousness in the case of anxiety/panic; and loss of interest and even bodily pain in the case of depression. Both can be exhausting and lead to a sense of aloneness and many missed opportunities.

Have you felt stuck for months, years, or even decades with this discomfort?

Maybe it's a combination of depression and anxiety which brings a feeling of stuckness or a sense of “this will never get better.” Or perhaps there’s a constant worry of the future, an inability to be present and focus or thrive, or a not knowing when an anxiety “attack” will come back to haunt you.

These feelings and fears take a tremendous toll on health and happiness. Life becomes complicated and painful.

Does traditional therapy have you just “analyzing”, “processing”, and “doing the work”, for months (or years) on end but there’s no great resolution?

I hear ya.

There’s only so much re-living and homework and affirmations a person can do before you realize it’s just not working! Let me show you a different way to achieve clarity and peace, focus and excitement. Mind cleared of negative beliefs, excited about new possibilities, and no more stuckness or preoccupation with the past or the future.

Newfound energy becomes available

Now physical and emotional healing can take place automatically.

Sound good?

Don’t let these things steal from your life any longer.

Call me and we can get started.

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