The About Me page is usually where the "I" statements go, so...

Hi, I'm Randel Porter

I'm a counselor and psychotherapist in San Antonio.

I have these credentials:

BA, Psychology, Bowling Green State University

MA, Counseling, University of Texas at San Antonio

New Mexico LPCC license #CTB-2022-0652

BUT the most important "I" statement is this one

I'm a different kind of counselor.

Take a look at my website - you'll notice there are no moody, soft-focus stock photos of people I've never met that somehow symbolize what you're going through. Nor are there pictures of me standing in a field, holding a coffee cup, or playing with a dog, all in an effort to manipulate you into liking me.

You also won't find any motivational quotes that actually just piss you off because they are ridiculously optimistic and bear no relation to the discomfort you are experiencing right now. And you certainly won't read any "I believeā€¦ " statements because why the hell would you care what I believe? (I never did get that one).



From my experience, I've noticed the typical mental health industry model tends to lead the client further and further into the problem instead of away from the problem and into peace and clarity. In fact, many therapeutic styles approach the client from a pathological viewpoint, meaning... the therapist goes to work identifying what's "wrong" with the client.

Once a core diagnosis is made, they then strive to connect other, previously experienced issues back to this supposed underlying cause. Maybe even a secondary diagnosis gets attached to the first. Then, it's often emphasized that the individual has battled this diagnosis for years and is "suffering from" or "has" something. Using that model, the client can easily feel worse after their initial sessions than before they even started!

We will do it differently...

Let's get your mind clear, focused, updated, and working in the very best way for you.

Counseling is pain relief. And I know that when you reach out to me, the discomfort or conflict you've been experiencing didn't just start that morning; it's been going on for awhile and you're looking for relief...


So that's what we'll do.

Let me guess...

You've tried therapy before but it didn't "take".


You've tried therapy before and all you did was talk for an hour straight while somebody nodded at you, which left you wondering why you were even there in the first place.

You'll notice that most therapy gets caught up asking about your emotions; the proverbial "and how does that make you feel?" Then it's typical to get caught up in an endless reaction loop, worrying about your emotions and where *they* are going to take you next.

But consider this

What if it has nothing to do with your emotions? What if it has to do with your thinking? Because whether you're aware of it or not, thinking happens before emotions. Emotions are the outcome of an initial thought, which is either in - or out of - our awareness. In fact, many of our limiting or troubling thoughts are occurring on an unconscious level, so they are guiding our choices and responses and we're not even aware of it. And typical therapy isn't able to reach those areas, so relief hasn't been possible.

Until now.

My approach pays special attention to how mind has been processing information unconsciously.

If you change your thinking, you can change your life.

And I can show you how to do it.

I invite you to step away from limiting, outdated, wallowing modes of therapy that only tend to keep you feeling helpless, or worse yet, endlessly "processing" (am I right?)

Let's get your mind cleared, focused, updated, and working in the very best way for you.

Things we can resolve

Anxiety / Panic / Phobias
PTSD/Sexual Abuse / Child Abuse
Grief / Loss / Heartbreak
Anger / Resentment
Guilt / Shame / Worry
Self-doubt / Self-conciousness

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